As well as commissioned illustrations, I also regularly create new work from a self-initiated brief.

The Nonsensical Spam Comment Project:

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Here I illustrate the random and nonsensical spam comments that I get on my blog. Sometimes you get very interesting sentences, that seem almost wise and prophetic; they make sense in a strange way. I love picking out the extraordinary from the mundane and representing it in my work; this is one of the projects that does this well.

The Daily Ampersand Project:

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I challenged myself to draw a new ampersand, from a different typeface in a different medium, everyday for as long as I could. It was an exercise in pushing my aesthetic style, as well as illustrated typography; I have a strong passion for type and this was an interesting project to focus my mind on.

Seven Sins Project:

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This was actually a University project; based on the age old Seven Deadly Sins, but I based mine on ‘the sins of youth’, a more modern take on Pride, Envy, Lust, Wrath, Sloth, Greed and Gluttony. The illustrations are based on song lyrics that I felt envoked each of the sins, making them purposefully ambiguous in order for the viewer to have their own take on them. They are a mix of pencil, paint, sewing and photoshop, a truly eclectic and experimental project. I also made the final piece into a handmade book; the idea being that it was a tactile thing, something you wanted to hold and explore.

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