The design for the Poste Mistress store on Monmouth St in Covent Garden this season was decided on quite easily – after presenting a few ideas, everyone agreed that this one was just that little bit different and more conceptual than usual; it’s also the first time we’ve done the two windows slightly differently so that was exciting.

The idea was based around the ‘Under the sea’/Metallics trend which has been bubbling away (excuse the pun) this Spring/Summer. Examples of it were at Versace, Chanel, Holly Fulton, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood Red Label – a mini sub-trend which is a much welcome relief over the ubiquitous and done-to-death Nautical trend that seems to crop up every spring.

Chanel SS12

Versace SS12

Alexander McQueen SS12

The list goes on… essentially, shimmering fabrics, mermaid aesthetics and under the sea creatures is the order of the day. Photos from here and here.

So the first stage is to do a little mockup fo the idea – this is what gets approved (or not, as the case sometimes is), and then we go and source props and design the vinyls, etc.

In terms of props, as this was quite a conceptual window, we didn’t want to have too many shop bought/pre made things, so we visited a fabric shop in Lewisham and bought metres and metres of all kinds of shiny, shimmery, swirly fabrics, which became the basis for the hanging props etc.

The jellyfish type things were  a stroke of genius in my (clearly not so) humble opinion. They were the one thing I was worried about looking weird but they came out great.

The hanging mirrored hexagons (in this window) and circles were a brainiwave from my VM manager as she walked to work and really give the window that amazing light-reflecting quality. When the sun shines in you get all sorts of pretty reflections.

Mirrored plinths and silver & gold mirror vinyls on the base reflect the props and shoes giving it an ethereal dimension.

This was one of my favourite windows to work on and I’m so pleased it came out how we envisaged it.