Tea & Crayons featured in Digital Artist!

June 5, 2011

This month, the Tea & Crayons were kindly asked to be interviewed by Digital Artist about collectives; how they work, what are the benefits and how to go about starting one.

Above is a crop of the contents page where our lovely Kayleigh Bluck had her work featured :)

Closeup of Rachel Price’s piece featured.

Little extract from our interview.

To read the full article, buy issue 20 now – it’s out for the next week or so. Really privileged to be featured alongside other established collectives like Puck and Monster. When we started Tea & Crayons we didn’t expect things would take off as much as they have; it’s so great to have these girls to talk to about life as a freelance illustrator, for that support, and to help each other promote our work much more than we ever could before. We’re hoping to set more group projects for ourselves in the next few weeks; we love working collaboratively and it’s definitely helping us to push our work further.

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