Illustrations for The Royal Thames Yacht Club

In February I was commissioned to produce a series of illustrations for The Royal Thames Yacht Club Member’s Handbook; depicting the traditional formal attire and the varying ranks.

It was an amazing commission and I really enjoyed working on it. All the illustrations were hand drawn using pencil; I really enjoyed going back to basics and not relying on Photoshop for anything. Inevitably it was used for touch ups but that’s it.

Once I have the final printed Handbook I will post an image of the work in situ; will be really exciting to see how it translates to page. Here are images of some of the individual illustrations:

It was a tricky one in that it was difficult to know what to charge (thanks to the AOI for help on that one) as I knew the process would be very time-intensive, being completely hand drawn, and the usage rights, that kind of thing. A really good learning process for me though, especially with time management and tight deadlines etc. I loved working on it and the client is happy with the result; which is what you want of course!

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  1. Beautifully drawn – great illustrations.

  2. These are great Rachel, I love the hand drawn quality of the shading.

  3. look amazing! Dont know how I didnt see these sooner, where have I been! xx

  4. Hey we love your work its really great!

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